"I run several professional business out of London, which keeps me busy and demands long hours.

Like all of us, I struggle to maintain balance in one shape or form, juggling family time, with my girlfriend and children, me time for passions and fitness, as well as the enjoyment of spending times with friends and broader family; but also stresses around fitting it all in to the week!

As part of my life journey, focusing on my spiritual development, and aiding keeping things in balance, I have a regular monthly session with Michelle. Michelle’s ability to hold the space and help ensure I keep regularly in balance has been an essential part of maintaining my health at its peak.

She has the gift of being able to connect and communicate at a deep level that words cannot convey. Her ability to deepen your spiritual awareness and help channel your energy flows, removing blockages and just bringing a deep sense of contentment is awesome.

I have been inspired and find great comfort in the development Michelle has brought me over the past 18 months and see my monthly sessions as an extremely important part of bringing and maintaining harmony in my life.

Everyone needs a ‘Michelle’ in their life irrespective of what part of their journey they are at in their life!!" 



"Michelle has wonderful intuition and works with all the Chakras with ease. I practice a lot of meditation myself and find that a session with Michelle helps me go very deeply into the experience of my own inner Self. Her chanting and singing add to the journey and I am sweetly connected with the ancient wisdom of India.

I feel as if my body is bathed in love and the energy working within me creates deep relaxation. I connect with my own heart and with the very essence of existence. Michelle has guided me into this powerful spiritual energy on many occaisions and I have developed a high degree of trust in her approach. I completely surrender to the experience and each visit awakens a new perspective. I feel I am progressively connecting more fully with the bliss that is available to us all.

I know I am in the presence of a very special being whenever we meet and that I am lucky that my destiny has lead me to her in order to help my own spiritual path unfold more fully.

I would recommend to anyone that understands the healing nature of connecting with our inner energy and uniting us with the energy present in the whole of existence, and who knows that a trusted gifted guide like Michelle can take them beyond where they can currently take themselves, to jump right in and book a session with Michelle, as they will be amazed.

Thank you so much Michelle, you truly are a Goddess and I will always look forward to our next session"

- S

"A beautiful spiritual songbird that colours, nourishes and awakens my soul with healing touch and guidance"

I arrive feeling colourless and disconnected from my heartbeat. Suffocating in my silence, fearful of my existence, unable to breathe or be with my own truth.  

Learning to breathe was my first step in healing my right to life. As I close my eyes and turn my awareness within I feel truly safe    in Michelle's spiritual sanctuary. Held with such unconditional compassionate kindness, warmth, acceptance and connectivity a mutual trust unfolds and develops.

My heart bleeds for spiritual connection and belonging. Michelle allows me to reveal my vulnerability as beneath that is courage to become connected to life again. As Michelle calls upon Kali and spiritual guidance I feel a nourishing blanket of resonating sounds, soothing touch and purifying aromas feed my senses. 

Michelle holds my heart in her delicate radiating hands and I feel awash with colours of vibrance. My heart and soul awoken. 

Connecting through the eyes of the soul with Michelle I am overcome with emotion of being seen, heard and listened to for not what I look like or speak but for the beauty of my soul. 

Michelle has a true Goddess gift and I am full of gratitude for the healing empowerment she has ignited. 

Thank you for the gift of life of connectivity to the universe."

- V


"I thought I write you some feed back after my session.  For me the session went very well, I hope you could tell that after it was over. The Chakra work expanded my whole consciousness out into the auric field and I very much sat within my energy as it radiated from my Chakras rather than feeling physically grounded, I felt that you were  grounding me the whole time within a very beautiful connection that flowed between us, around this time was when I saw the energy, I thought at time how fascinating that psychically it looked pink and blue and very separate and then started to blend, I did find that rather fascinating!!

Throughout the Chakra work I did feel very safe, very looked after and above all very connected to you and the Universal Consciousness, it felt blissful and perfect.

When we went onto the eye gazing ritual I felt this had an extremely sublime quality to it, I struggle to think how you can get such an amazing connection to somebody in another way???  It seems to me that it's on par with intimacy on the deepest levels but lends its self to being open to anyone!!

The whole session went very quick, even though it seemed to stand still (strange), which for me was nice as I had been sitting in bliss :-) 

Michelle seems to have a natural ability to create the space for healing to occur, she has a rare and inherent gift!  Overall I would rate my sessions with Michelle excellent and well worth taking some time for self healing."

- S


"Your  colours were so warming to my soul as my bodies energies started to  shift. Twitching, shaking, trembling I certainly was shifting something.  Red, gold, green hues coloured and washed over me as your healing hands painted my awareness and soothed my unconscious. Melting my rigid  tissues in your radiant hands I dropped into a world of stillness, comfort and calm. 

I  feel bathed in acceptance when I am with you. Held with such respect, compassion and empathy as I share my shame. I feel my strength  stir out of the darkest depths as you intuitively seek out the areas of  connection. Heart to Womb, Head to Heart, Feet to Fingers an energetic pathway begins to flow. 

My voice stuck in a tremble as my tears tumble I am able to speak and  express my hidden emotion whilst being held with such compassion and empathic reassurance. A beautiful goddess gift you offer of safety and  sanctuary. To trust an individual and to be able to share our innermost  shame and suffering is the place where true potential can grow. And I  thank you for allowing me 'to show up and seen' in my rawness and  truth. 

You  have sewn a seed in my awareness with your wisdom. You have ignited my  self empowerment. For we only stand in our own way and finding a place  for my suppressed, trapped energies to be set free is where my self  worth, self acceptance and courage can grow."

- V

"Michelle, you truly are a Goddess.

After your intuitive healing sessions I left the sacred space on cloud 9. I have never been so relaxed, with beating drums in the background and Michelle's beautiful voice singing Mantras and chants whilst bringing energy from the Universe in to each Chakra. I found myself in a meditative state which took me on a beautiful journey for each Chakra. I was left feeling euphoric and in a beautiful place.When Michelle placed her hands on my solar plexus I was in a lush field full of deer, and as she moved up to my throat Chakra I met what I can only describe as a Native Indian spirit guide.

When I left I felt very grounded and in touch with my inner self, and couldn't help but smile to myself all day. Thank you so much."

- D


"After losing my wife to cancer I found myself with little appetite for life and low esteem. I had looked around at various counselling options but decided that a more holistic and intuitive approach was better suited to me.

I arranged a session with Michelle who after a brief discussion whereby she immediately identified with my problem.

We then commenced with deep breathing exercises whilst various musical chants played in the background and continued during the entire session, various aromas were introduced and an initial gentle head massage took me to a state of total relaxation.

Further gentle massage was then introduced to other parts of my body leaving me feeling incredibly relaxed and content.

That night was the first time I slept continuously for 6-7 hours in some 10 weeks. I continue to sleep well and have found my confidence returning.

It is hard to explain specifically how Michelle achieved what she did in the time I spent with her, but all I can say is that after just one session I feel much better for it."

- M